Seriously why? just why do we have to do another physical examination“, I said. I mean I already did one back home. It was long and intense. I took every medication in the books. My doctors made sure I was checked from top to bottom. They gave me all the necessary vaccines. “I didn’t mind them even when I hated injections“, I thought out loud. After all I didn’t want to be dragged back from my trip to China just because I fell ill. Now I had to do another one in China. “Everyone one has to do one again (everyone meaning all the international students)“, Akuchi said. “Serrrriousllly“, I grumbled. “I know it’s pretty annoying“, he replied. Akuchi was my next door neighbor from South Africa. He was a PhD student majoring in Mandarin language and had lived in China for five years. “I had to do it twice, first in Nanjing and now here in Wuxi“, he explained to me. “Well that sucks“, I said. I shuffled through the papers on my desk to find the written instructions that the international office handed out to all the incoming students. “Thanks for the advice“, I said as Akuchi was leaving. “Yeah, no problem. anytime“, he replied. “Oh, and when you decide if you’re going to Yixing let me know“, he said by the door. I smiled. “Sure“, I replied.


It was 7:00am. I double checked in my folder to make sure that I had everything I needed. Today I would be seeing more students from my dorm. I haven’t had the chance to meet any yet because school hadn’t officially began. A big blue travel bus was making its way to our student apartment. Everyone was already standing outside (at least almost everyone). “Everyone please fill into the bus as we check you in and make sure no one is missing from our list“, the director from the International student office called out.


It was 7:40am, when we walked into the lobby of the hospital. I was one of the last to get off the bus. I tore a slip from the machine. The paper told me when it would be my turn to go up to the counter. Most of the students already made themselves comfortable in the lobby as they chatted with one another. I walked to the left side corner of the lobby. There were two guys sitting at a round table. “Is anyone sitting here“, I asked one of the guy’s. “No one is sitting here. You’re welcome to sit“, he replied. “My name is Andre“, he said. “Nice to meet you, I’m Sakeenah“, I said. I Smiled at the other guy sitting next to me. “Hi“, I said to him. “Hi“, he said smiled back. “I think I’ve seen you around“, I said to him. “Yeah, me too. Are you new to the university?“, he asked me. “Yeah“, I said. “My name is Jasper by the way“, he said as he shook my hand. “Did the International office ask you for your passport pictures?“, Andre asked me. “No“, I replied. ” Je pense qu’ils ont demandé à chacun d’apporter les leurs. peut-être vous devriez demander au directeur“, he said. I understood a little bit of what he said. “Ummmm, sorry I didn’t get everything you said….I don’t really speak French“, I said regretfully. “Oh sorry, I thought you did. You’re accent sounded like you did“, he said laughing. I chuckled a little. “I wish“, I replied. The counter light ahead of us beamed signaling for the next person to come forward. “Nice meeting you again“, he said as he stood up and walked to the counter. “Where are you from?“, Jasper asked me. “America, you?“, I asked. “I’m Canadian“, he said. “That’s nice! I always enjoy my visits to Canada“, I replied. We talked about so many things like languages and travel experiences. Jasper could speak four languages and now adding Mandarin to his list (I was so jealous). We had so much in common and it was really nice to meet someone that shared the same passion for travel and exploration like I did.


I was half way done with my physical examination at the hospital. It wasn’t a very pleasant experience I would have to say. The one that won the best award for really grossing me out was the fact that the place where we had to drop our pee samples was a shaky table in front of the door of the restroom. I should add that they were all open and exposed in a plastic tube-thing. The restrooms were the dirtiest things I’d ever seen in my entire life. I couldn’t wait to get back to my apartment. I felt seriously filthy. “One last thing and all this would be over”, I said to myself. I walked downstairs. I needed to find the X-ray room. “Heyyyyy!“, Jasper called out. “How was your physicals?“, he asked with a questionable expression. “Terrible“, I replied. “Do you happen to know where the X-ray room is?“, I asked. “Right there“, he said pointing to the end of the hallway. “I just came from it“, he said. “Ok thanks!“, I said. “Meet me in the lobby when you’re done“, he said. “Got it! see you!“, I replied.



How can people seriously feel comfortable eating right now“, I said to Jasper. We were all sitted in the lobby of the hospital. Mind you all of us just went through the super gross experience of the physical examination check-up. Apparently some people didn’t think it was gross enough. They were picking up sandwiches and munching away. I seriously refused to touch anything at that moment. “Tell me about it“, Jasper replied. “It’s almost time for us to head back to school anyways“, I said as we walked back to the lobby to have a sit. I was glad to have met Jasper. Chatting with him was so much fun. “Everyone please make sure you have all your belongings with you because in 10mins we would be heading to the bus“, the director of the international office, Gan Laoshi said. Jasper and I walked towards the exit. The horror was finally over and I was very excited to begin classes.


to be continued………..


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