About Me

Hello there,

Thanks for stopping by!

I am a Fashion designer, creative writer, and a (fabulous) traveler.

I love everything fashionable~ Fancy and Sophisticated outfits are my specialty~ with elegance as my theme.

Apart from being a fashionista. I also love studying other cultures and learning the language.

I just want to share my life and style~ and also a little bit of my Fashion Fantasies *wink*

~Interesting Facts~

I consider myself a mipster *(a Muslim Hipster)*

I am currently learning: French, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, and Spanish

This blog was created in 2013; when I created my first outfit collection~ which was a project I highlighted as S.M.O. fashion (Sophisticated. Majestic. Original. fashion)~ It is also  the initials of my cultural name (Sakeenah. Moturayo. Oluwatosin)

I hope you enjoy and don’t be shy 😀






2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. OMG, I loved the animal print peplum and we are wearing that in Easter sunday at church, where can I find this..please………………..


    1. Hello Thabile,
      I would suggest that you check ASOS.com (It’s one of my favorite) and more likely to find the exact type. If you can’t find what you’re looking for there; other options are Ebay, Target, Amazon, and Jacquie.com. Hope you find what you’re looking for and have fun in Easter Sunday at church

      XOXO. S.M.O. Fashion

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